Examining Different Aspects of Human Right Principles & Practice

Our Vision

Centre for the Study of Human Rights-University of Peradeniya strives to create a society that is articulate, critical and activist concerning matters of fundamental human rights and freedoms.

What is the University of Peradeniya's Centre for the Study of Human Rights?

The Centre for the Study of Human Rights – University of Peradeniya (CSHR-UP) is a separate entity attached to the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. It functions under the purview of the University Senate, similar in status to other centres that already exist at the university.

Our Goal

The promotion of knowledge of human rights is the main goal of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights. It intends to achieve this goal through multi-disciplinary educational and research activities involving the university community and the public.

Human rights, as a comprehensive whole, include socioeconomic, civil, political, cultural rights which are deemed to be essential for the human beings to lead a life of dignity.

Civil Rights

are a class of rights that protect individuals freedom others.

Political Rights

are the rights exercised in the formation and administration of a government.

Cultural Rights

are rights related to art and culture, both understood in a large sense.

Nelson Mandela, South African civil rights activist

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

Our Activities

The Centre conducts two human rights courses namely Certificate course in human rights and Diploma in human rights under the academic supervision of the University Senate.

At the university level, the Centre undertakes such activities as strengthening of existing HR teaching programmes, organizing Guest Lectures, awareness and Training of Trainers workshops, research and publications.Our outreach activities are organized under three programme headings, namely, the Public Awareness Programmes, the Workplace Focused Programmes and the Village and Estate level Programmes.